How to throw a cabbage 100 meters in Fortnite

Welcome to the cabbage Olympics.

Each Fortnite week comes bundled with new challenges to help players unlock all the rewards in their battle passes. Epic Games tries to make the challenges as engaging as possible to make them both entertaining and a learning experience.

Most challenges aim towards making players try a mechanic that they werent aware of before, and the cabbage throwing challenge can look new for players whove never experimented with the throwing mechanic.

To complete this challenge, youll first need to get your hands on a cabbage. Everyones favorite vegetable can be found all around the map, especially in vegetable farms. There are guaranteed spots in Rocky Heels and The Fortress, but the most important part of the challenge starts when you get your hands on a few cabbages.

The easiest way to score a long-distance throw with a cabbage is by building some height for yourself. In the building mode, you can build staircases until you almost reach the sky, and a throw from such heights should be enough to secure yourself a 100-meter throw with a cabbage.

Most of the tall buildings wont be tall enough for this task, but you can start building on top of a building’s roof to get enough height. Doing so will also reduce the total number of resources youll need and save you time, allowing you to get back into action once youre done with the challenge.

Completing this challenge will reward players with 20,000 XP.

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