How to super jump with Sojourn in Overwatch 2

It can take some practice to master.

Sojourn is the newest hero introduced when the Overwatch 2 PvP beta dropped in April, and many fans are starting to get to know how her kit works, and how to play her. Those who play Mercy are keenly aware of the super jump and how difficult it can be. And they are now starting to realize that Sojourn can do it, too.

In her kit, Sojourn has a skill called Powerslide, which will send her sliding in the direction she’s currently moving. After her slide, she does a jump into the air, but the correct combo to get her to jump higher is actually initiated before the button for the skill is even pressed.

To super jump with Sojourn, players should start by jumping into the air and quickly follow the jump with the Powerslide. When she’s at the end of her slide, players will notice that if they use this trick, she’ll get a little bit of a bigger boost than if she’d used Powerslide without the jump in front of it.

It may take some practice to get this move down, but players who take the time to practice it will be able to reach new spots with Sojourn, which could create a competitive advantage for her and her teammates.

It is unclear whether this extra boost is intended since Overwatch 2 is in its first PvP beta, so players will need to make sure that the combo sticks around in the next iteration of the beta, but considering it exists for Mercy, it is possible that it is an intended skill for Sojourn players to learn and master.

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