How to summon Satori in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Discover cave locations with this rare companion.

In Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Satori is a secret companion that can be summoned by Cherry Blossom Trees. This mythical beast can help players, but only if you know how to bring Satori to your side.

From Zonai Devices to Tulin’s wide gusts, there are plenty of resources that can help you traverse the wide world in Tears of the Kingdom. Satori is among the more hidden companions that you can summon.

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Whenever you summon Satori, a shining light will beam from every nearby cave. If you are looking to mine minerals or farm Bubbul Gems to spend at Koltin’s, this is an extremely useful tool, though not many know how to summon the beast. If you are looking to summon Satori in Tears of the Kingdom, here’s what you should do.

Satori Summoning Guide for Tears of the Kingdom

Satori can only be summoned by Cherry Blossom Trees after making a fruit offering at her shrine. To do this, simply go into your inventory and select any fruit you may have to hold. Then, walk up to the shrine and press the corresponding button to place your fruit on the shrine.

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After you do this, you will be met with a short cutscene that introduces Satori. Soon after, Satori will cause several beams of light in the region to suddenly appear. At first, I had no idea what these lights could represent. After exploring a few of the now prominently lit locations, I came to realize Satori reveals locations to nearby caves.

Caves contain plenty of treasures that you may want to explore or can help you on your journey throughout Tears of the Kingdom. Personally, I used these locations to hunt down Bubbulfrogs to spend Bubbul gems at the merchant Koltin.

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There are various locations across Tears of the Kingdom where you can summon Satori. The earliest is just to the east of Lookout Landing in Central Hyrule. You can identify each shrine by the bright and vibrant Cherry Blossom Tree that will always accompany it.

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