How to link Twitch and accounts

Linking accounts is as easy as a few quick clicks.

Everyone loves free loot, and Twitch users are no different. The streaming platform is well known for offering its Prime subscribers a large variety of rewards, including games and cosmetics. Occasionally, even those without a subscription can earn free loot simply by watching streams.

Blizzard Entertainment periodically offers fans of its numerous franchises ways to earn free loot by simply tuning into Twitch streams for its respective games, like Overwatch and World of Warcraft.

With the beta for Overwatch 2 rolling out, the developer has launched a new initiative that will help onboard players who are active in watching the early version of the game and didn’t get in by signing up manually. Just like with most other events, fans of the first-person shooter who tune into specific Overwatch streams on Twitch will periodically earn rewards.

But before players can start earning rewards, they’ll need to link their Twitch account to their This way, both accounts can verify your progress and that you have a license for Overwatch on PC. The process of linking accounts is easy and takes only a few clicks to complete.

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Before linking accounts, users will want to make sure they have their account information handy. After logging into their Twitch account, users should then venture into their account settings, navigating over to the Connections tab at the right of the settings options. is one of the connections Twitch recommends, meaning users will find the option closer to the top of the Connections page. Clicking on the Connect button will prompt users to enter their account information and log in to the service, which will automatically link the accounts upon completion.

Once users have connected their accounts, they’ll be able to receive drops. If the accounts are successfully linked, a green text will appear underneath the stream’s information, informing the users that drops are enabled. If the connection is unsuccessful, the text will suggest the user link their account and they’ll need to re-enter their information on the Connections page.

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