How to glide in Gotham Knights

You'll just need to topple a criminal empire first

Gotham Knights is the latest action-adventure game to allow players to explore the streets of Gotham as four of its most trusted heroes. In this game, players will explore the city’s largest version using their grappling hook and Bat-cycle. Each character also has a unique traversal ability that needs to be unlocked before you can use them.

To unlock each character’s ability, you’ll need to prove that you’re serious about stopping crime in Gotham. Here’s all the information you need to know about how to glide in Gotham Knights.

How to glide in Gotham Knights

Each character has their traversal ability that has to be unlocked by completing the Knighthood quest they get at the start of each run. To complete the Knighthood quest, players will need to fulfill several different objectives, including:

  • Complete Timed Strike training
  • Complete 10 pre-meditated crimes
  • Defeat three mini-bosses

When you do this, you’ll unlock that specific character’s traversal ability. You’ll need to complete it again for any other characters you want to unlock.

If you want to be able to glide through the night in Gotham City, you’ll need to complete the Knighthood quests for Batgirl because only she can glide. The character will then be able to glide through the night sky like her mentor Batman. Players can use the grappling hook and jump button to launch themselves into the sky before gliding away using Batgirl’s cloak.

The other characters have unique travel abilities that make getting around Gotham a little more fun. That’s all you need to know about how to glide in Gotham Knights.

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