How to get the Unauthorized Departure ship from Guardian Games in Destiny 2

Sometimes the ship chooses the pilot.

The Guardian Games event has made its annual return to Destiny 2 just as Season of the Risen begins to wind down. The competition pitting Titans vs. Warlocks vs. Hunters officially begins on May 3 and ends at the weekly reset on May 24.

The guardians who participate will have a chance to compete for bragging rights and earn a slew of rewards, including Exotic ship the Unauthorized Departure.

If you want to equip the Unauthorized Departure for yourself, you’ll need to get busy and start grinding. Here’s what you’ve got to do.

How to earn Unauthorized Departure ship in Destiny 2

To earn the Unauthorized Departure Exotic ship cosmetic, you’ll have to complete the Medallion Stallion Triumph during the Guardian Games 2022 event.

Medallion Stallion requires you to deposit Medallions at your class’s podium located in the Courtyard of the Tower. If you were planning to participate in Guardian Games, you’ll be doing so already.

You can earn Medallions by completing activities.

Activities include public events, Lost Sectors, quests, Crucible matches, Vanguard strikes, Raids, story missions, and the new Guardian Games playlist you can unlock after completing the event’s opening quest, Best in Class.

Additionally, you can earn Destiny 2 Medallions from other Guardians Games Triumphs, as well as Contender Cards you can buy from Eva Levante using Laurels.

Once the Medallion Stallion Triumph is complete, you can go back to Eva the the Courtyard at the Tower and acquire Unauthorized Departure.

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