How to get the Omega Knight skin in Fortnite

Suit up in this epic armor before dropping in.

One of the best cosmetics to ever touch Fortnite is back: the Omega skin, last seen during Chapter One, season four, now transformed into the Omega Knight.

The tier 100 reward in season fours battle pass, the Omega skin and its upgradeable stages became one of the most sought-after skins in the game. Now, the skin is back, with even more armor to show for it.

Data miners leaked the release of the new Omega Knight skin, which looks better than ever with even more upgraded armor on the skin. The new skin will reportedly hit the shop on May 3.

Heres how to get the Omega Knight skin in Fortnite.

How to get the Omega Knight skin

Players will be able to purchase the Omega Knight bundle in the item shop with V-Bucks.

Alongside the new skin, the Omega Knight bundle will include a Level Up Quest Pack, with which players can upgrade the Omega Knight skin, similar to the original Omega skin. The leaked graphic shows upgraded versions of the Omega Knights sword pickaxe, as well as what looks like a fully-upgraded version of the skin, which gives the Omega Knights armor a golden shine.

The cost of the Omega Knight Bundle is still unknown, but well update this article as soon as more information becomes available.

How to upgrade the Omega Knight skin

To unlock all available cosmetic options included with the Omega Knight bundle, players will have to complete quests. According to the same leakers who found the skin, there will be 21 quests for players to complete to fully upgrade the skin.

With the Level Up Quest Pack releasing seven new quests every week, its safe to assume these quests will continue right up until the end of the season, with Chapter Three, season three most likely beginning around June 4.

Once players have completed all of the quests included in the Level Up Quest Pack, they should have access to all of the customization options for the Omega Knight skin.

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