How to get the Fourth Horseman in Destiny 2

This full-auto shotgun comes with some hefty firepower.

Destiny 2 brings a series of Exotic weapons for players to chase, ranging from pistols that give you ability energy to a Hive Worm launcher. The Fourth Horseman is an old Exotic, but one that’s still accessible and continues to appear along the DPS charts season after season.

The Fourth Horseman’s firepower comes in the form of its two unique perks, Broadside and Thunderer. Thundered increases its rate of fire to 360rpm (far more than a regular shotgun) and makes it fire full auto, while Broadside increases the weapon’s damage and spread with each shot. Its catalyst adds another round to the magazine and improves reload speed, raising its DPS capacity considerably.

This means you can unload the magazine into an enemy and take out a chunk of its health, even before applying damage such as Radiant and the buff from Hunters’ Mask of Bakris Exotic helmet. And that’s not counting the bug with the Solstice hand cannon, which allows players to overflow the Fourth Horseman’s magazine thanks to its origin trait.

The Fourth Horseman is a solid weapon, though it comes with tradeoffs. Being a shotgun, it has a short effective range, especially due to its spread. Though it’s not exactly a first pick for a Grandmaster Nightfall, it can still be useful in specific conditions. Here’s how you can get it.

How to get the Fourth Horseman in Destiny 2

The Fourth Horseman is obtainable only through the Monument to Lost Lights in the Tower. The Monument stands left of the Vault in the Tower and is dedicated to items that lost their designated source, either seasonal missions that expired or when Bungie vaulted a series of destinations and activities with the release of Beyond Light.

Getting the Fourth Horseman costs:

  • One Exotic Cipher
  • 125,000 Glimmer
  • 200 Dusklight Shards
  • One Ascendant Shard

The Exotic Cipher and the Ascendant Shards are the trickiest of the ingredients to obtain. The Exotic Cipher is time-gated, while Ascendant Shards only drop from higher-level activities such as Master/Grandmaster Nightfalls, Master raids and dungeons, and Trials of Osiris.

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After you’ve obtained all of the necessary items, head to the Monument to Lost Lights and find it under the Shadowkeep section. Buying it will drop the weapon in your inventory at your level and will also let the Fourth Horseman’s catalyst drop from its designated sources. The weapon’s catalyst was unobtainable until the release of The Witch Queen when Bungie introduced it as a random drop from playlist activities.

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