How to get stronger pyromancies in Elden Ring

Looking for a list of ways to buff your pyromancies?

Elden Ring has a variety of ways to play the game. Players that enjoy getting up in the enemies’ faces can wield large great hammers and swords to smash and break down their foes. Alternatively, other players who prefer to do damage from range have the opportunity to do so with bows, arrows, crossbows, and sorceries. These range-based combat options give players a lot of flexibility and allow players to run mixed builds and get a taste of both when the situation calls for it.

FromSoftware hit sorceries home in Elden Ring. There are many different spells and types of sorceries for players to experiment with. Some sorceries are based around a particular status effect, like blood loss or poison. Others revolve around a particular type of elemental damage like lightning-based incantations or fire-based sorceries. Some of the strongest spells in the game are these fire incantations. Many players are looking to get their hands on these destructive sorceries.

Here, we’ll go over some of the strongest pyromancies, or fire incantations, in the world of Elden Ring, as well as the best ways to increase their overall damage output.

The best pyromancies

Pyromancies, or fire incantations, use fire as their source of damage output. In Elden Ring, fire incantations are a great source of damage and offer a variety of at-range and close quarters options.

Those looking for the best damage output can make use of the spell Giant’s Flame Take Thee. This sorcery hurls a massive fireball at the target and can be charged, offering additional opportunities to increase the damage.

For a close-quarters pyromancy, players can look at O, Flame! and Catch Flame to cast quick parts of fire from their hands. This has a very low FP cost, comes out fast, and has moderate damage.

One of the best pyromancies is Flame, Grant Me Strength. This spell is a buff that players apply to themselves. It offers an increase in damage output for fire and physical damage. In PvE scenarios, players receive a 20-percent buff to fire and physical damage. In PvP, it is reduced to a 15-percent buff.

How to increase pyromancy damage

There are many ways to increase overall damage output in Elden Ring. A lot of builds share the same methods to buff damage, and pyromancies fall in that same vein.

Player buffs

One of the best ways to boost pyromancies and fire-damage output is to use the incantation mentioned above, Flame, Grant Me Strength. This spell allows players to buff themselves and receive a healthy increase to their overall physical and fire damage by 20-percent (15-percent in PvP situations).

Additionally, players can use the incantation Golden Vow, another buff that increases overall damage output by another 15-percent. Being that many pyromancies require Faith as the main attribute to level up, players can unlock this incantation with 25 Faith.


Another way to increase pyromancies is using an assortment of Talismans which can provide a respectable amount of increased damage when added up.

The Fire Scorpion Charm boost player’s fire attack by about 12 percent (8 percent in PvP) at the cost of reduced damage negation. This Talisman can be found in Fort Laiedd in Mount Gelmir.

If the spell is chargeable, Godfrey’s Icon will enhance the attack power as well by about 15 percent. This Talisman can be obtained by defeating Godefroy the Grafted in the Golden Lineage Evergaol.

Other Talismans include the Faithful’s Canvas and Flock’s Canvas Talismans which raise and greatly raise the potency of incantations. These two Talismans are the normal and upgraded versions of one another.

The Faithful’s Canvas Talisman can be looted off of a corpse in the Sellia Crystal Tunnel, and the Flock’s Canvas Talisman can be obtained during Millicent’s questline by killing Gowry. Players can kill Gowry during the quest as long as he is crying over Millicent. Additionally, he can be killed after completing the questline in full, as he can be found crying over Millicent by that point as well.

Flask of Physick

Players can also use the Flask of Physick to increase their fire damage. The Flame-Shrouding Cracked Tear will increase the player’s fire damage output by an additional 20 percent (15 percent in PvP). This tear can be obtained by killing the Erdtree Avatar at the Minor Erdtree in Caelid just east of the Smoldering Church.

Giant’s Seal

Those using Fire Giant incantations can take advantage of the Giant’s Seal to cast their spells. Tis Sacred Seal provides a passive 20-percent damage boost to Fire Giant incantations. Players can have this seal in their off-hand to also receive its benefits, and even equip two of them to double the passive buff. This Sacred Seal is found inside the Giant-Conquering Hero’s Grave in the Mountaintops of the Giants.

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