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How to get Firm Fish Filets in New World

They are fairly easy to find.

While questing in New World, there are plenty of unique items that players will be tasked with gathering and delivering for rewards or to progress in the story. Some of these are quite obvious, while others might need guidance when working out how to collect them.

One of the more obscure resources players are struggling to find right now is Firm Fish Filets. While Fish Filets are common, their firmer counterpart doesnt appear to be. But it is just as easy to acquire if you know what youre doing.

How to get Firm Fish Filets in New World

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To get Firm Fish Filets in New World youll need to salvage one of a few different fish types. These include Catfish, Cod, Halibut, Sturgeon, Common and Uncommon fish.

Most fish with a green rarity will supply players with Firm Fish Fillets. Salvaging can be done from within your inventory so you can easily do this on the go as youre out fishing.

The alternative way to get yourself some FIrm Firsh Fillets would be via the trade house. If youre struggling to find them in the wild this will be your best bet, but it does come at a price that could be anything given that players set their own costs.

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