How to get different colored Pikmin in Pikmin Bloom

You'll need to head out and find them.

Niantics latest AR game in collaboration with Nintendo, Pikmin Bloom, is now available in some regions around the globe, giving some players the chance to head out into their neighborhood and collect all the Pikmin they can find.

All Pikmin from the original three games have returned for this mobile title, and players will be able to find them in a variety of different ways. The overall goal of Pikmin Bloom is to plant flowers all over your local area, but the best way to facilitate this is by collecting an army of Pikmin.

Pikmin comes in a variety of different colors and forms, and new players may be confused about what theyll need to do to collect different variants.

How to get different colored Pikmin in Pikmin Bloom

Image via Niantic

You can get different colored Pikmin through a few different methods, but the most common of these is by finding seedlings while out on a walk in new areas.

You can also earn seedlings by leveling up your account. This can be achieved with a variety of methods from simply planting more flowers, sprouting seedlings, and visiting locations. These rewards will be specific to the level.

The seedlings that can be found on adventures seem to be random and specific to certain areas, so there isnt really a way that you can seek out specific colors or different types of seedlings. If you do want to find something new, though, you may need to head to another location within a reasonable distance, but this can vary from location to location.

Even rarer than standard seedlings, huge seedlings will be more difficult to find, but will sprout costumed Pikmin, another collectible for players.

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