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How to fix Xbox error code 0x87DD0006 or 87DD0006

Signing in can be a hassle sometimes.

Xbox Live is typically a stable online service. But there will occasionally be server issues or outages that affect Microsofts gaming platform in various ways. 

One of the most common, and annoyingly vague, errors that players may encounter is error code 0x87DD0006, though it might pop up as error code 87DD0006 too. 

Error codes 0x87DD0006 or 87DD0006 only pop up when players are having issues with signing into Xbox Live servers on their Xbox consoles or PC. Though typically it isnt actually a user error when the attempted sign-in fails. 

For players who experience either of these error codes, Microsoft recommends checking the official Xbox status page because it’s likely that there was a service outage just before the attempted login. Making sure that the Account and Profile services section is listed as up and running should give you the green light to try signing in again. 

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If that doesnt solve your issue, your next best bet is restarting your console or PC. This might fix the problem if it’s just a connection or hardware issue that popped up. 

Outside of that, you’ll likely need to wait until the server issues are resolved or continue checking the Xbox status page for updates on whatever outage is affecting your account. 

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