How to find and use a Shield Keg in Fortnite

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Fortnite has upgraded to version 19.01 as of a Jan. 4 hotfix, introducing a new shields-replenishing item that an entire squad can enjoy. The Shield Keg can be placed down on any surface and will replenish the shields of any player around it, all the way from zero to 100.

The Shield Keg will replenish the shields of you, your squadmates, and even your enemies. So while it may not be ideal in a close-quarters firefight, it’s great to shield up the entire squad without having to use too many consumables.

Here’s all you need to know about finding and using a Shield Keg in Fortnite.

Where can you find a Shield Keg?

Shield Kegs can be found in chests, on the ground, and in supply drop containers. Players can also purchase them with gold bars from either Lt. John Llama or The Scientist.

  • Lt. John Llama is located at the Llama Homestead, southwest of Logjam Lumberyard.
  • The Scientist is located at Sanctuary, in the large building on the west side of the landmark.

How do you use a Shield Keg?

A Shield Keg is an item you deploy on the ground, and like a fountain, it sprays shields onto all the players around them. Just stand in the radius of the fountain until your shields max out. Remember, anyone can replenish from them, so consider destroying it after your shields are maxed if you’re playing solos or are near enemies.

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