How to earn Laurels, Medals, and Medallions in Destiny 2’s Guardian Games 2022

Let the games begin.

Guardian Games is back again, pitting the Titans, Hunters, and Warlocks against each other in a fun in-game competition for class dominance. The primary currency you can earn for your team is Medallions, and the Laurels and Medals you earn will help you earn more Medallions and XP.

Players will have a variety of paths to follow towards filling your inventory, and your team’s bank, with Medallions. Here’s how to earn plenty of Laurels, Medals, and Medallions in Destiny 2‘s Guardian Games 2022.

How to earn Laurels during Guardian Games

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Upon loading into the game after the most recent update, head to the Tower and speak to Eva Levante in the main courtyard. She will introduce you to the Guardian Games and let you select your Guardian Games class item.

Eva also tells you that you can earn Laurels by using class abilities to defeat enemies, or by defeating especially powerful enemies with your Guardian Games class item equipped. She will also give you 100 Laurels to buy your first Contender Card, which gives you an activity-specific type quest: Crucible, Vanguard, Gambit, ‘seasonal activity,’ or the Throne World.

How to earn Medallions during Guardian Games

Image via Bungie

You can start earning Medallions by completing various activities with your Guardian Games class item equipped. You can earn additional Medallions by completing the Contender Cards you pick up from Eva. Medallions you earn can be banked into your class’s deposit box next to Eva.

How to earn Medals during Guardian Games

After completing the Best in Class quest, you will unlock the Guardian Games Recreational Playlist. This 3-player co-op matchmaking activity will reward you with more Laurels and Medallions. You’ll also earn Vanguard Medals, which help progress the completion of weekly bounties you acquire from Eva.

The Medals you acquire are determined by how you defeat your enemies. For example, Precision Spree medals are earned by rapidly defeating enemies with precision damage.

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