How to donate to a streamer on Twitch

It's the most direct way to contribute to your favorite streamer.

There are numerous ways to support your favorite content creator on Twitch, but donating money is by far the most direct way to do so.

Though Twitch has features like bits and subscriptions that allow fans to give money to streamers, those avenues of contribution dont result in all of your money going to the streamer.

For that reason, many streamers have special donation pages that can be easily found on their Twitch channel if you scroll down their channel page. Links to donation websites can typically be found in the banner area of someones page.

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Frequently, streamers will set up a donation page through the broadcasting software that they use. For instance, Ninja and Lirik use Streamlabs.

Clicking the Donate button on Ninjas channel will lead you to a website where you can enter your Twitch username, select an amount to donate, and a message to send.

Once youre on the external link, just follow the simple instructions on the page to tip a little bit of cash to whatever streamer youve selected. 

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Depending on who youre donating to, there may be options to add special effects to your donation or have your message read out loud by a text-to-speech program depending on how much you donate.

It may take a moment for your donation to go through, so make sure to be patient. Especially on highly popular channels, Streamlabs alerts can get backed up because of the high volume of people subscribing and donating. 

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