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How to craft gunpowder in New World

It's time to get explosive.

Crafting is one of the most integral mechanics in New World, since it contributes to your standing with a territory in addition to your overall experience. Refining raw materials into usable resources is a great way to level your character incrementally, and one of the most prominent crafting materials players can use to level up skills like Smelting and Engineering is gunpowder. 

The recipe to craft gunpowder requires five charcoal, two flint, and one saltpeter. Saltpeter, which is the rarest of those three raw materials, can be found in caves across Aeternum and is easily identifiable by the white streaks that run across its topside. 

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Gunpowder is crafted at the workshop, while charcoal can be refined at the Smelter beforehand. To create the necessary charcoal for gunpowder, youll have to find green wood from trees and bushes across the games forest regions. 

If youre using gunpowder to craft cartridges for your Musket, youll also need iron ingots and linen to stock up your ammunition supply. In total, 50 cartridges can be made from four iron ingots, one piece of linen, and one stack of gunpowder. 

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