How to complete the Shoot to Score quest in Destiny 2 Guardian Games

It's a time-gated quest.

Destiny 2’s Guardian Games event has returned for 2022 and there’s a new quest to go along with it.

The “Shoot to Score” quest can be procured from Eva Levante when Guardian Games is live between May 3 and 24, 2022, but it’ll be gone after that. The quest is time-gated, which means there are some days you have to wait before progress can continue.

Get familiar with the Guardian Games playlist nodes found within the Tower. There are a couple different kinds to play to earn Medallions, Medals, Laurels, and everything you need for the seasonal event, but only one is available during the weekends.

Here’s how to complete the Shoot to Score quest in Destiny 2.

Step one

Get the highest score possible in the Guardian Games: Training playlist

Drop into some rounds in the Guardian Games: Training playlist and level up your score to as high as you can get it. You will be awarded special buffs and rewards at the Tower once you return.

The scoring thresholds are as follows:

  • Bronze: 50,000
  • Silver: 100,000
  • Gold: 150,000
  • Platinum: 175,000
Image via Bungie

Steps two through five

Attain Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum thresholds in the Guardian Games: Competitive playlist

The next four steps can be knocked out in one go if you’re able to attain Platinum score in the Guardian Games: Competitive playlist. Competitive is only live during the weekends, so it must be completed after the reset on Friday and before the weekly reset on Tuesday.

The next steps are as of yet unknown but should be available on the weekend reset at 12pm CT on May 13. The steps are likely to repeat, albeit this time with a different Nightfall Strike in the Competitive playlist once it returns.

Screengrab via Bungie

The image above shows step six in the quest, which instructs players to wait until next week to continue.

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