How to complete the ‘O Brave Knight’ mission in League of Legends’ Eclipse 2022 event

This mission opens up even more for players to complete.

The newest additions to the growing Eclipse skinline in League of Legends have added more missions for players to complete and earn rewards. Yet to start the mission series, players will have to traverse a tricky riddle with little help.

Players that log into League during the Eclipse event will be greeted with two missions immediately. One rewards them with an Eclipse Capsule and Grab Bag for accumulating 150 points, while the other appears in the form of a riddle, not having any signifiers as to how to complete it.

Users across social media have found success in completing the O Brave Knight mission of the Eclipse event by playing with or against a champion who received a new Eclipse skin. This includes Senna, Aatrox, Kayle, Sivir, and Sejuani, though does not seem to include previously-released Eclipse skins like those for Leona. It appears players do not need to have these new skins equipped to complete the mission. This mission can be completed in any queue except Teamfight Tactics

After completing this mission, players are rewarded with 200 Orange Essence, as well as access to the rest of the Eclipse 2022 missions. These missions are available for all players without the purchase of an event pass. Rewards include Blue Essence, Masterwork Chests, and more. 

The League Eclipse 2022 event will last until May 12. Missions two through four are available immediately after completing this mystery mission, though the final mission is locked until all other missions have been completed.

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