How to complete the Break Check mission in DMZ

This will require a lot of travel.

Season two of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 has officially arrived, and for DMZ players, it means a huge seasonal refresh of the content grind they’ve come to love. Faction mission progress has been reset, but don’t be worried: all the permanent unlocks you earned from season one are still yours.

Now in season two, players can start completing missions from the beginning again, and earn contraband weapons, XP, access cards, boosts, calling cards, blueprints, and more.

One of the newly added faction missions for season two is Break Check, a tier two mission under the White Lotus faction that you start in Al Mazrah, but complete on the new exclusion zone, Ashika Island.

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How to unlock the Break Check mission in DMZ

In order to even start Break Check, you will need to unlock the second tier of White Lotus missions by completing the first tier. To do so, you will need to complete five of the six of its missions to unlock the final story mission of White Lotus tier one, Stronghold Reacquisition.

To complete it, you’ll need to pick up a Stronghold keycard, clear out a Stronghold of enemies, and extract “Legion deal intel” from one of the fallen AI combatants. If you’ve already picked up a Stronghold card in an earlier run and kept it, you can spawn into a match, drop it, then pick it up to instantly complete the first objective.

After completing Stronghold Reacquisition, you will unlock White Lotus tier two missions and gain access to Break Check. Here is how you can complete it.

Locate the car crash site near the observatory

Load into a DMZ match on Al Mazrah, and make your way to the car crash site located south of the Zaya Observatory POI, at map sector E6.

Screengrab via Activision | Remix by Dipanjan

The easiest way of approaching the car crash site is from the southern path, using ziplines to rapidly climb the cliffs. If you do come from the north, through the Zaya Observatory, you will have to contend with multiple enemy AI combatants.

Find and extract the hard drive near the crash site

Once you reach the crash site, search for the Ashika Security Hard Drive on the ground. Only one hard drive spawns per match, so if it’s not there, you have likely missed your window of opportunity and will have to try again in a later match.

Screengrab via Activision

Once you’ve picked up the hard drive, you will need to exfil with it in your possession. Make your way quickly to the nearest exfil point, signal for pick up, then extract.

Drop the hard drive in the Waterways dead drop on Ashika Island

The final step of the mission requires you to head to Ashika Island, the newest DMZ exclusion zone. You do not need a keycard or special access to go to Ashika Island.

Screengrab via Activision

The Waterways Dead Drop is located on the southern side of Ashika Island at the Port Ashika POI, and there’s a southern tunnel entrance you can use to get in. Inside the tunnel, you’ll face a lot of tough enemy AI combatants, and after turning the corner and reaching the main area, you’ll have juggernauts to deal with.

Along the rock wall, there’s a Dead Drop dumpster, and that’s where you drop off the hard drive.

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