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How to aim using a Bow and Musket in New World

Get the good aim.

Amazons New World takes a unique approach to the MMO genre by giving players a different style of gameplay compared to other established games like World of Warcraft.

As opposed to simply facing your target to use one of any number of abilities, players in New World have a higher requirement in terms of aiming to hit their opponent.

While aiming with a melee weapon is relatively simple, ranged weapons like the Musket and Bow represent a more challenging experience for players.

Though both weapons are powerful tools that allow you to take down enemies without putting yourself in harm’s way, being able to accurately aim with them is crucial.

For both the Bow and Musket, players can transition to aiming down sights by holding down Right-Click (Mouse 2).

The Bow is a projectile weapon with arrows that move similar to the way Hanzos do in Overwatch. To hit targets using a bow, you’ll need to be able to predict the flow of their movement, especially from range.

The weapon has various abilities via a Mastery Tree that make it even more powerful and should be used in combination with a melee weapon that benefits from Dexterity.

Aiming with a Musket is the complete opposite of using a Bow. While the Bow requires predictive aim, the Musket is a hitscan weapon that forces you to click heads with your crosshair.

Its important to make sure that while youre using a Musket, you hold down Right-Click (Mouse 2) to aim down sights.

While you can fight a Musket from your hip, you’ll be wildly inaccurate and have a high likelihood of missing every shot, even if your crosshair aim is impeccable.

The better your aim is, the more damage you’ll do. Hitting headshots with a Musket deals increased damage and abilities on the weapons Mastery Tree can amplify that further.

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