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How to add friends on Brawlhalla?

You and I belong to other platforms.

Like most multiplayer games, Brawlhalla is also more fun when you play it with friends. Not only can you show your circle of friends whos the best in Brawlhalla by inviting them to the same lobby as you, but you can also try out different strategies and train together to get better at the game.

If youve stumbled upon a player whom you’d like to play with (or against) in the future, then youll want to add them as a friend. While adding someone to your friends list can look like the simplest task you can perform in any other game, it can be slightly more challenging in Brawlhalla.

The main reason why adding a friend can be complicated in Brawlhalla is that the game exists on multiple platforms and uses the social features of each platform where the game is available. While a Brawlhalla player on PC will use the social features of Steam, a player on a PlayStation 5 will be using the PlayStation Network. Considering these networks have no way of recognizing each other, you can’t add someone from a different platform as a friend.

It doesnt mean that you wont be able to play with them, however. If you have friends playing on other platforms, youll still be able to invite them to your lobby by sharing your Custom Game Rooms code. Theyll need to enter your Room code into the finder and join your lobby manually.

If youve been wondering how you can add people from the same platform as friends, heres how you can do it.

Depending on the platform you play Brawlhalla on, youll need to follow its dedicated process to add friends. Once you click on a players name on the player list, youll have an option to view their profile. When you do, youll be forwarded to their profile page, and there should be an add friend button there regardless of the platform of your choice.

After you add a player as a friend in Brawlhalla, theyll receive your friend request and appear in your friends list once they accept your invitation. 

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