How tall is Gorgc? A Dota 2 player raises questions around the streamer’s height

The match started on the wrong foot.

Ranked matches in Dota 2 don’t always have to be toxic encounters. More often than not, players will stumble upon pleasant and funny teammates that make the game a better place.

Popular Dota 2 streamer Janne “Gorgc” Stefanovski recently teamed up with a fan of his channel who happened to have a very special profile picture that sparked a controversy.

Shortly after both teams loaded into the map, Enigma, who went by the name of John_Seed69 asked Gorgc to check his Steam profile picture. As soon as the streamer saw the avatar, he recalled the fan and described him as a really tall guy.

Gorgc went on to explain the picture after he opened Enigmas profile one more time.

I know I look very short in the picture, Gorgc said. But this guy was very tall, he was taller than Puppey.

As Enigma was also listening Gorgcs broadcast, the player responded in the voice chat again, saying he was only 5.9 feet tall, and Gorgc was just small. Shocked by the answer, Team Bald Reborns founder told his chat that Enigma was lying. thats where the mystery began as Gorgcs chat realized that his height was an unsolved mystery and there weren’t many resources to work with.

Based on the available facts, Gorgc described Enigma as taller than Puppey, one of the tallest players in Dota 2. A quick Google search puts Puppeys height at 1.96 meters, or 6.43 feet, meaning Enigma could be well above 6.5 feet.

If we were to assume Gorgcs fans height at 6.5 feet, it could mean that Gorgc is around 5.9-to-six feet tall. Gorgc also has pictures with Puppey where he appears taller than Team Secrets captain, making it technically impossible to guess the streamers height correctly.

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