How much will the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 Ti cost?

Don't expect anything less than $1,000.

Nvidia announced its next flagship graphics card, the GeForce RTX 3090 Ti, at CES 2022.

The RTX 30-series of Nvidia GPUs boast more dedicated ray-tracing cores and faster memory speeds than its previous generation. With the 3090, games can run at 8K fidelity close to, or reaching, 60 fps. It can also reach frame rates of 360 with the proper optimization settings. Additionally, the GPU enables Nvidia DLSS 2.0, which can further increase performance. All of these features are expected to be enhanced with the 3090 Ti.

The manufacturer confirmed reports about the 3090 Ti at CES that said the new card will come with 21GB of GDDR6X RAM, up from the 19.5GBs of the 3090. The memory will come from Micron and could theoretically push past the one terabyte a second bandwidth speed. If so, then texture loading will be faster than ever before. 

Securing a 3090 Ti may prove difficult, with Nvidias CEO claiming that supply chain issues wont improve until next year. Moreover, the price isnt known yet, but expectations suggest it will be more expensive than the already pricey 3090. A 3090 from Nvidia starts at $1,499.99 and inflation prices could push well beyond $3,000. Nvidia said it plans to speak more about the 3090 Ti later this month, which could be for the release date and MSRP price.

This article will be updated once the price of the 3090 Ti is officially announced.

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