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How many players does New World have?

The future looks bright for New World.

Millions of players are flooding in to play Amazons new open-world MMO, New World.

The highly anticipated game, which hit the live servers on Sept. 27, has had an incredible launch, not only on Steam but also on Twitch, bringing in countless eager-eyed viewers to the streaming platform. 

On day one, New World peaked at over 600,000 concurrent players, just below Valves vastly popular tactical shooter CS:GO, according to Steams game stats. Since then, that number has jumped up to many thousands more. 

New World has had an average peak concurrent player base of over 400,000 each day, according to stats site New World Status. On Sept 29, the game peaked at over 734,000 viewers. 

In total, New World is estimated to have over eight million players, according to MMO Population. That number, however, could be taking the games open and closed beta player base into account. Its unclear.

The roaring success of the game has led to server instability and lengthy queue times. To ensure everyone can find an open world, Amazon continues to add new worlds and expand the capacity of the existing servers. 

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