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How long does the Nintendo Switch OLED battery last?

A little bit better.

The Nintendo Switch OLED has arrived and just like the previous versions of the system, the battery life on these things while in handheld mode is painfully poor.

Nintendo officially says that the battery life of the OLED can last anywhere between 4-9 hours depending on what game is being played. The bigger the game such as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey, etc, could be played for 4-5 hours whereas small indie games or using the game on standby could see the system survive for a longer time.

This is obviously better from the original Switch’s 2-5 hours of battery life that owners had to deal with back in 2017, and a slight improvement of the Switch Lite’s 3-7 hours, but still feels pretty sub-par in the grand scheme of things.

Granted, there is still an improvement here no matter how small it might be, and considering the price of the OLED system is $50 more than the original one, you could argue that the purchase is still worth it for all the benefits of the system.

Still, if you plan to go on a long flight or trip in the future, be sure to pack an external battery pack to keep your OLD system charged for the entire trip.

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