How do you create an online multiplayer lobby in Nintendo Switch Sports?

Setting up an online lobby for you and your friends is extremely simple.

Nintendo Switch Sports is here and both old and new Nintendo gamers are getting another taste of the classic sports party action.

More than any other Nintendo Sports title before, Switch Sports embraces the ability to play online with both rewards for solo games and a simple multiplayer system to get in on the action with friends around the world.

If youre looking to play with others who arent in the same home then have no fear because the process is easy.

How to create an online Nintendo Switch Sports multiplayer lobby

Screengrab via Nintendo

The process of creating your own online lobby in Nintendo Switch Sports is very simple and a great way to ensure only players you invite to join your online games.

Heres the step-by-step way to get things started.

  1. Start Nintendo Switch Sports.
  2. From the main menu select Play With Friends.
  3. Select whether you plan on playing by yourself or with another player on your console.
  4. Now choose the account youd like to use for yourself.
  5. Next, choose Make a New Room.
  6. Select the number of players, password, and access to voice chat for your lobby.
  7. Choose Okay and once at the Member Reception screen friends can join your lobby.
  8. Once youve got a group of players ready to go then choose the sport of your choice and start playing!

One thing to keep in mind, those who want to join the lobby will need to be friends with your on their Nintendo Switch Consoles.

Another key thing to remember is that online play is only available on your console if it has a steady internet connection. If not, then you wont be able to play with friends outside of your home.

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