Horizon nerf could return to Apex Legends soon as dev says change wasn’t ‘fully ready’

Horizon could be grounded once again in an upcoming season.

Apex Legends has a wealth of changes with each new season and split, introducing collection events and cosmetics, updates to existing maps, limited time game modes, and changes to the balance of its playable cast. However, one character recently received a nerf that was not announced in the patch notes for the latest update, the Spellbound collection event.

Horizon, the gravitational manipulator introduced in Season 7 of Apex, received a major unreported nerf to weapon accuracy while on her tactical ability, the Gravity Lift. With the fifth highest pick rate out of 23 different playable legends according to Apex Legends Status, a hit to Horizons viability to engage fights from a safe distance would also prove detrimental to the plans of many teams on a professional level, especially those who frequently ran Horizon in standard team compositions. Pro players like ImperialHal weighed in on the matter, citing how the skill gap between good and bad players was cut down, and was truly embarrassing to see.

Three days after the release of Spellbound, Respawn would follow up on the controversy with a Tweet announcing the fix to Horizons Gravity Lift, which was inadvertently changed with the update. The hotfix restored the accuracy while on the Gravity Lift back to its previous state. However, while this change currently stands in the current live patch of Apex, one developer has potentially teased the return of the unreported nerf at a later date.

Josh Medina is a senior producer at Respawn Entertainment on Apex Legends, and has a history with teasing content and changes to Apex. His tweet brings up the possibility of future seasonal patch notes bringing back the Horizon nerf at a later date. The start of a new season of Apex often brings many balance adjustments to existing Legends, and a Season 16 reintroduction of the Horizon nerf could be on the cards. The previous seasons have released and changed 10 of the 23 playable Legends, with further balance to be considered after the Split One Playoffs and the Spellbound collection event.

The reception to Horizons reverted nerf has been met with mixed reviews from the general playerbase and pros alike. Horizon has been a source of contention and discussion when it comes to balance, with many pointing out other areas of her toolkit that should also receive changes. Some pros, like former Cloud9 player StayNaughty, joked that the nerf reversion benefits certain players and teams in particular after ImperialHal was so vocally negative about the accuracy nerf.

The ALGS Split One Playoffs take place from Feb. 2 to Feb. 5, where 40 international teams will battle for the title of Split One Champions. With Horizon back in form for the tournament, players and coaches will have to consider how much of an impact she still has on a professional level, and if the changes will follow through after the event.

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