HObbit and Cloud9 send EG packing in IEM Rio Major Challengers Stage

Ax1Le has finally awoken.

The IEM Rio Major Challengers Stage has claimed another victim, with Cloud9 coming out on top against Evil Geniuses, 2-0.

EGs loss leaves Team Liquid as the only North American team in the IEM Rio Major. Fortunately for you NA fans, Liquid is already in the Legends Stage.

C9 has had a shaky run through the Challengers Stage, but this victory surely brings a sigh of relief for the CIS squad. Dust 2 saw Dmitry sh1ro Sokolov take charge, efficiently handling the North American roster alongside fellow deadly aimers Abay HObbit Khasenov and Sergey Ax1Le Rykhtorov. EG struggled to make a dent in the CIS roster’s defense, leading to a 16-5 victory for C9.

Overpass (16-11) was a closer endeavor for EG. The NA squad almost mounted a comeback, but thanks to a one-vs-three by HObbit in the final seconds before the bomb exploded, EG were stopped in their tracks. Ax1Le finally turned on his monitor for what seemed like the first time in the whole tournament, topping the leaderboard throughout the series.

C9 has one more match before they progress to the Legends Stage of the IEM Rio Major. The CIS squad sits 2-2, with their upcoming bout either sending them home or helping them get one step closer to lifting the major trophy.

Tomorrow is the final day for the Challengers Stage. Three more teams have the chance to make it to the big event and leave their mark on the CS:GO scene. Team Liquid will have to hold the line for the North American teams as EG leaves them without any countrymen by their side. 

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