Hitting the right note: League players name their favorite Riot dev teams in fan vote

High praise for the sounds of the game.

After a tumultuous start to the new year, League of Legends fans have voiced their thoughts about the various developer teams at Riot Games after concerns and complaints rose in the wake of some relatively tough receptions of the company’s plans for the new year.

The League community joined together on the game’s subreddit to vote on the developer team they are happiest with. At the time of publication, more than six thousand League gamers have already participated in the poll. As many people expected, Riot’s music team stood tall with over half of the votes going to them.

In second place came the League skin and cosmetics team, who had around 1.7 thousand votes. Champion designers were third, the League balance team ran fourth, and the behavior and communication teams came in last.

Here’s how they all ranked (as of 10.31pm CT):

  • Music 3.8k votes
  • Art/Skins 1.9k
  • Champion Design/Reworks 446
  • League balance 300
  • Behavior 96
  • Communication 96

This sentiment echoes some of the biggest complaints of the year so far. Many pointed out the lack of communication between the fans and the League devs on the issues behind the game, their plans moving forward, along with future projects they have in the pipeline.

Riot did eventually release a statement that discussed the team’s overall silence around their current problems, along with the disappointing 2023 season start cinematic. The company has promised more transparency and communication with the player base and even shared some plans around a new game mode slated to release later this summer.

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