HisWattson shows off finished version of Prop Hunt in Apex ahead of upcoming tournament

Keep your eyes peeled. There are props everywhere.

Jacob HisWattson McMillin is an experienced Apex Legends pro who has been active competitively for two years, having played on Rare Xcellence and currently for FURIA Esports. But his presence within the Apex community reaches farther than just pro play. 

On Jan. 12, HisWattson announced that the Prop Hunt game mode is officially finished alongside a new gameplay trailer for the mod. First teased on Dec. 22, Prop Hunt is an alternate game mode for Apex that incorporates hide and seek into the battle royales maps.

HisWattson worked with CafeFps and R5 Reloaded, a custom version of Apex, to create the mod. R5 Reloaded is playable on PC, allowing players to create their own lobbies or use a server browser for free gameplay on any map with additional game rules and settings.

In Prop Hunt, players are divided into two teams of either the props or hunters. Each round, props are given a random environmental object as their disguise, which they must use to blend in without being spotted by the hunters. Spawning in without any weapons, the props can only use limited abilities to evade the hunters until the time limit expires to win. The hunters are given weapons and a time limit to find and eliminate all of the props. If all the props are found, the hunters win. If even one prop survives when the time limit ends, the props win.

Trailers for Apex Prop Hunt include a flashbang ability for the props to blind and disorient the hunters and a decoy ability to fool the hunters into wasting time and ammo on fake targets. All hunters gain Octanes Stim, which temporarily provides a 30-percent speed boost, and an ultimate ability that forcibly changes the props current disguise, potentially revealing them to be eliminated.

Gameplay footage included Kings Canyon and Worlds Edge as playable maps for Prop Hunt, alongside additional weapons such as the throwing knife previously featured in Apexs official Gun Run game mode.

HisWattson plans to stream Prop Hunt for the first time on Jan. 14 at 2pm CT on his own Twitch channel. A follow-up tournament is also planned for the future, with a $1,000 prize pool for competitors.

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