HisWattson fears Respawn’s next major Apex ranked change could be a ‘huge step back’

It seems like a terrible idea in his view.

HisWattson has declared Respawn’s decision to remove scaling entry costs for ranked games in Apex Legends a huge step back and would be devolving the system already in place during the first episode of Fallouts Apex Experience Podcast on May 4.

As explained in our article here, the entry cost will be static and scoring for placement will be consistent in every division. To compensate, bonuses will be applied to scores based on kills, assists, the caliber of opponents, and more. The FURIA star doesnt like the sound of it, though. He believes it could be a good idea for those in Bronze to Diamond, but is bad news for skilled players who will quickly break through that plateau.

If thats the case, thats a huge step back, Wattson stated about the change in terms of how it could affect those ranked Master and above. Why are we getting rid of that scaling entry cost? Why are we going back so many steps?


HisWattson wasnt all doom and gloom about the patch. He liked 90 percent of what he saw in the patch notes, which included things like the new legend Ballistic, the addition of Weapon Mastery, a new survival item, and more.

He even said hes excited to see how the new ranked system will play out, but the removal of scaling entry costs was one of the things he definitely hard disagreed with.

Its not the only ranked change coming in the next Apex patch either. Other upcoming features include a new skill rating like MMR to help the matchmaker build lobbies based on skill rather than ladder placement, tweaking LP to make it harder for teams to farm points with beacons, new methods to detect cheaters, and more.

As HisWattson said, it will be interesting to see how these changes take shape once theyre implemented, including the removal of scaling entry costs. So, hes reserving judgment until that happens.

The Apex patch is slated to release next week, on Tuesday, May 9.

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