Highschool essay: Gorgc blasts new Dota 2 patch for doing basically nothing

Players everywhere agree with him.

Dota 2 Patch 7.33 was supposed to be the savior of all players suffering from the Machine Gun Lina meta that we have all grown to loathe. There is no better egregious example than Gaimin Gladiators winning three straight games in a row in the grand finals of the Lima Major against Team Liquid using Lina as their carry in all three games.

Then it was announced by Valve that big changes to shake things up were coming on March 6.

What every player expected was the highly-awaited Patch 7.33 to address the state of the meta, but what we got instead were the Dead Reckoning update and a minor balance patch. Patch 7.32e was released with the addition of Muerta to the roster, a month-long event with bonus treasures, and no imminent end in sight to the stale meta we have been playing.

While a lot of pro players and big names in the Dota 2 scene were disappointed by this outcome, none seemed as passionate about it as Janne “Gorgc” Stefanovski. The carry player for Team Bald Reborn made his feelings known about the 7.32e update during his stream when the patch update went online.


Describing the minor changes in the patch as filling out the page similar to his high school essays, Gorgc pulled no punches in expressing his frustration. Understandably, the minor changes did nothing to change the state of the game and the same heroes considered to be problematic are still difficult to deal with.

We can see that here when Gorgc gets hounded and killed by the usual Lina-Riki combo in the new patch.


So when is the actual 7.33 update coming out then? So far, we have no definitive news yet, but we will keep you posted as more changes are announced, hopefully soon.

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