High-Elo LoL players are abusing a game-breaking bug to get into low-tier ranked lobbies

Best to avoid ranked for now.

Despite regular updates and bug fixes, the harsh reality is that League of Legends is plagued with bugs. Following Patch 13.5, the game now has a game-breaking bug that allows high-Elo players to get into low-tier games.

On March 13, a player reported in a post on Leagues subreddit that a Diamond player was constantly featured in their Silver solo queue games. This, expectedly, got many players worried, but one heroic player explained this started with Patch 13.5 and pointed to their detailed explanation in the bug report thread for the patch.

In their original explanation, the player said Diamond players can duo with people who have not played a single ranked solo/duo game this season in order to lower the match’s MMR to high gold/low platinum. This gets around the 2 division duo rule.

The bug is easily reproducible as all you have to do is be a Diamond-ranked player and queue up for ranked with a player that hasn’t started their placements.

Essentially, this means Diamond players can play against low-tier players and still earn a significant amount of LP at the cost of low-ranked players’ LP. The Diamond players can rinse and repeat this process as much as they like and wreak havoc on players with no consequences to reach Master or even Grandmaster.

At the moment, theres still no response from Riot Games, but League players hope this will be fixed as soon as possible.

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