Hexflash will be re-enabled for LEC superweek, along with micropatch to fix turret damage

A quick fix has been put in place.

Last week, the LEC announced the Hexflash rune would be disabled until further notice due to a severe bug that was affecting gameplay across multiple regions. For the last week of the 2022 Summer Split, however, the league has re-enabled the rune, along with a small micropatch that would fix the bugged turret damage that came to light this past week.

Hexflash was also a problem point for competitive play earlier in the year when a game-breaking bug in a match between DWG KIA and Nongshim RedForce forced the LCK to disable the rune. According to Nongshims support player Effort said that he was unable to use his Hexflash summoner spell due to a glitch, causing officials to pause and restart the match.

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It isn’t known if this bugwhich occurred the month beforewas the cause of the ban from LEC play, but hopefully, for Hexflash enthusiasts, there won’t be any more glitches moving forward as the final three days of the season play out.

Meanwhile, turret damage is also being fixed with a micropatch for the 12.14 tournament realm. This past week, attention was brought to a bugged feature for turret shots, and how they didn’t increase after each consecutive shot fired. Usually, the damage would increase by 40 percent per shot on a single target, but the damage would only increase by 40 percent and remain at that level for the rest of the dive.

It was a huge deal that heavily affected competitive play since teams were able to easily turret dive enemy players since they were taking much less damage than before. With this fix, the turrets will hit as hard as they should be, giving players a chance to fight back against enemy dives.

Catch the final LEC superweek when the games begin on Friday, Aug. 12.

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