‘He’s back’: TenZ and Sentinels make a statement against TSM at Ludwig x Tarik VALORANT Invitational

Sentinels' playbook reads "let him cook."

Following an offseason in which Sentinels made a massive overhaul to their VALORANT roster and structure, the team’s official 2023 debut against TSM resulted in a decisive victory over TSM at the Ludwig x Tarik Invitational, led by none other than their foundational star.

Tyson “TenZ” Ngo, the long-time member of Sentinels and mechanical superstar, delivered a transcendent performance on Fracture and Pearl. On Fracture, he produced an astonishing 25 assists on KAY/O, providing tons of value to his teammates with his flashes and suppression knives.


On Pearl, it was a vintage superb TenZ performance on Jett, posting an incredible 32 kills over only eight deaths, and winning five out of six opening duels, good enough for an average combat score of 386.

“He’s back,” coach Don “SyykoNT” Muir confidently declared on broadcast post-match.


As great as TenZ’s performance was, it was not the only good showing out of the Sentinels camp today, and coach SyykoNT could only heap praise on his entire team. He described the young Zachary “zekken” Patrone as “an animal” they could unleash at any time, and said that even if you cut Bryan “pANcada” Luna’s tongue out, “he would be worth every single penny.” As for Gustavo “Sacy” Rossi, coach Syyko said he’s “one of the best initiators in the world,” and added that it was like having another coach in the server.

The result today is, at least to Sentinels fans, hopefully the first of many excellent TenZ performances that signal a return to the superstar. Back in October, following the news of his re-signing, TenZ himself expressed that he wanted to show more in 2023 after an admittedly lackluster 2022 campaign.

The team won’t have much time to rest though, as they go straight into an upper bracket match versus The Guard at the Ludwig x Tarik Invitational.

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