Heroic hand Complexity their first loss in ESL Pro League season 16

The North Americans are no longer undefeated.

Heroic breezed past Complexity 2-0 today on the third day of ESL Pro League season 16’s Group C.

The Danish powerhouse now have a 2-1 record in the CS:GO competition and have effectively recovered from their loss to MOUZ in the opening round. Complexity were undefeated until today, having surprisingly beat Astralis on the first day of Group C play and defeating HEET yesterday.

Complexity played well in the first two days of Group C, but today, they weren’t really a match for Heroic. The Danish squad had no trouble in quickly sweeping the North Americans. All of their players showed up and finished the game with a positive K/D ratio and overall rating. The series kicked off on Inferno and Heroic beat Complexity 16-9 thanks to a T-side masterclass (9-1) in the second half.

The match proceeded to Ancient, and despite putting up a good fight in the first half, Complexity couldn’t keep up when they switched to the T side. The North Americans were constantly shut down by Heroic’s great utility usage and only managed to plant the C4 three times in a total of 11 rounds. Heroic’s AWPer and in-game leader Casper “cadiaN” Møller had a particularly great game, averaging one frag per round on Ancient, which finished 16-10 in favor of his side.

After ENCE and MOUZ close out the third day of Group C action, one of them will also have a 2-1 record. This group is far from decided since even teams like Astralis and HEET, who have lost two already, still have a chance of making the playoffs.

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