Here’s the patch schedule for League of Legends in 2023

Get all 24 of these updates in your calendar.

League of Legends has built up a culture of regular updates, with Riot Games releasing new patches chock full of changes, fixes, and new content every second weekand it’s a tradition that’s continuing in 2023.

The biweekly updates include everything from solo queue tweaks to sweeping pro play changes, with champions, runes, items, and spells all under the microscope.

League patches also give Riot a chance to inject new content into their 13-year-old game. New champions arrive every few patches, as well as larger character reworks and mid-scope updates. Players can also expect to regularly see new League skins for all their favorites. Game-wide events roll out in updates too.

Heres the full 2023 League patch schedule from Jan. 11 to Dec. 6.

PatchRelease Date
13.1Wednesday, Jan. 11
13.2Wednesday, Jan. 25
13.3Wednesday, Feb. 8
13.4Thursday, Feb. 23
13.5Wednesday, March 8
13.6Wednesday, March 22
13.7Wednesday, April 5
13.8Wednesday, April 19
13.9Wednesday, May 3
13.10Wednesday, May 17
13.11Thursday, June 1
13.12Wednesday, June 14
13.13Wednesday, June 28
13.14Wednesday, July 19
13.15Wednesday, Aug. 2
13.16Wednesday, Aug. 16
13.17Wednesday, Aug. 30
13.18Wednesday, Sept. 13
13.19Wednesday, Sep. 27
13.20Wednesday, Oct. 11
13.21Wednesday, Oct. 25
13.22Wednesday, Nov. 8
13.23Thursday, Nov. 21
13.24Wednesday, Dec. 6

Keep up with all the upcoming League buffs, nerfs, balance changes, and new champion releases and reworks throughout Season 13 right here on Dot Esports.

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