Here’s just how much it costs to buy every skin in VALORANT

They're not cheap.

Skins are expensive in any premium free-to-play video gameand VALORANT is certainly no exception.

A player on VALORANT’s subreddit counted how much money it would cost to purchase every skin in the game, ignoring bundles and the Night Market, and the price is eye-watering.

In total, it would cost you $5,658 to bag every single skin in the game. At the moment, that’s 302 regular skins and a ridiculous 563,350 VP. To add to that, there are two legacy skins from the Champions 2021 collection, which would cost 8,025 VP, and every battle pass. And that’s not even including all the extra cash you’d need to upgrade your weapons with Radianite.

Although this seems like a steep price to pay for every skin, it’s unlikely that anyone would use this method to build up their collection. Riot regularly adds the Night Market to the game, which significantly decreases the value of skins. And every 24 hours, there’s a selection of skins available for a cut-price in the rotating store.

Still, it has never been a more expensive time to be a skin collect. Riot continues to add bigger and better skins to the game.

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