Here’s every new TFT Set 8.5 champion and trait in Glitched Out!

Time portals are shaking things up.

Time portals and chaos are shaking up Teamfight Tactics thanks to the city of Spatulopolis Glitching Out in Set 8.5, which features four new traits and 14 champions.

The TFT Mid-Set update has arrived, featuring one new vertical Set 8.5 trait and a healthy number of three and four-cost champions. Mid-Set updates take place three months after a set launches, shaking up the meta with new mechanics, traits, and champions. Making room for everything new in Set 8.5 are 15 champions and three traits that are bidding farewell to the city of Spatulopolis during these Glitched Out! times.

What are the new TFT Set 8.5 traits?

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There are four new traits in TFT Set 8.5, one of which is unique to a five-cost champion. One is a vertical trait and the other two are powerful in their own right.  Each new Glitched Out! trait has breakpoints that offer bonuses that will get updated through the TFT Set 8.5 cheat sheet after every balance change.


InfiniTeam opens a portal to an alternate timeline that summons alternate versions of the InfiniTeam units with a different item for each Augment you own. Alternate copies have reduced health and damage. 


Quickdraw is all about firing projectiles with a breakpoint at 2/3/4 that increases the damage of bonus shots.


Riftwalker has only a breakpoint of three which opens a time gap that brings Zac back from Set Eight. Upon getting summoned, Zac gains the last-listed trait of the closest Riftwalker unit. 


Parallel is the unique trait assigned to Ultimate Ezreal. With the two versions of Ezreal on the battlefield, the younger two-cost learns from his older five-cost self. Two-cost Ezreal’s spell becomes a blast that hits all enemies in a line and Ultimate Ezreal’s ability summons one additional temporal duplicate.

Who are the new TFT Set 8.5 champions?

Image via Riot Games

There are 14 new TFT Set 8.5 champions who each have two Hero Augments associated with them. Players can get a full rundown of each champion’s ability through the champion and Hero Augment cheat sheet, which is updated after every balance change.

One-cost Set 8.5 champions

  • Lucian: InfiniTeam, Quickdraw, and Renegade
  • Pantheon: InfiniTeam and Heart

Two-cost Set 8.5 champions

  • Pyke: Riftwalker and Hacker

Three-cost Set 8.5 champions

  • Gnar: Gadgeteen and Prankster
  • Morgana: Threat
  • Shen: InfiniTeam, Defender, and Hacker
  • Vex: Riftwalker and Mascot

Four-cost Set 8.5 champions

  • Aatrox: Threat
  • Garen: MechaPRIME and Defender
  • Jhin: Riftwalker and Renegade
  • Neeko: Star Guardian and Spellslinger
  • Twisted Fate: InfiniTeam, Duelist, and Spellslinger
  • Warwick: ADMIN, LaserCorps, and Brawler

Five-cost Set 8.5 champions

  • Ultimate Ezreal

All TFT Set 8.5 traits and champions are available for testing through PBE servers on March 8. The launch of Glitched Out! is scheduled to take place in Patch 13.6 on March 22.

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