Here to stay: Gen.G holds on to star player for 2023 LCK season

He's the first confirmed player of next year's lineup.

Gen.G could be having quite an eventful League of Legends offseason. Aside from mid laner Jeong “Chovy” Ji-hoon, the rest of the roster had their contract running until today Nov. 21. This means the players are now currently free agents and can look to potentially join any team. That being said, Gen.G managed to lock one of these players for the 2023 LCK season.

Jungler Han “Peanut” Wang-ho is staying with Gen.G for the upcoming year and extending his contract, according to an announcement today on Twitter. The South Korean player joined at the end of last year, following a strong season with Nongshim RedForce.

Peanut kept his form throughout 2022 as well, performing consistently as one of the best in his role in the domestic league. With the Gen.G squad, the veteran won the LCK Summer Split and finished in the top four at Worlds 2022.

Ever since he started his competitive career on NaJin e-mFire, Peanut had been constantly switching teams every year. Having said that, this will be the first time he sticks to the same organization for two consecutive seasons.

For him, Gen.G is also the first and only organization he has played with for more than a year. He first played with the team in 2019, achieving the best result of sixth in the Summer Split. Going into 2023, it will be the third year Peanut plays for Gen.G.

Now that he is confirmed for next year, and Chovy being the star mid-laner the organization invested in, Gen.G has to sort out the situation with its top lane and bot lane. Just like Peanut, Doran and Lehends’ contracts have expired today. On the other hand, ADC player Ruler already parted ways with the organization on Nov. 10.

With the free agency period officially underway, it’s set to become a spicy off-season for Gen.G and the LCK overall.

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