Here are the rarest Fortnite skins

If you see any of these skins, run.

When it comes to battle royale in Fortnite, the only thing more important than a victory royale is looking good doing it. The Fortnite store has been loaded with amazing skins for years, but when it comes to winning in fashion, it’s all about rarity.

Everyone picks up the coolest skins when they hit the store, but what about the ones that were hard to get or haven’t been seen for a long time? There are some truly rare skins in Fortnite and you might have never seen some of them in the game before.

If you see anyone wearing one of these skins, you should probably build or run away quickly, because they know their Fortnite.

Black Knight

Image via Epic Games

This is the final skin you could earn in the season two Battle Pass. Black Knight has become the stuff of legend, mainly because it was available so early on in Fortnite’s life cycle that you had to be a true early adopter of the game to unlock itand you needed to grind to get it.


Image via Epic Games

Galaxy was one of the first big crossover skins for Fortnite in a partnership with Samsung. It was only obtainable through the purchase of a Galaxy Note 9 or a Galaxy Tab S4. The promotion ended in March 2019.

Honor Guard

Image via Epic Games

Honor Guard was another phone-exclusive skin and it was only available through purchasing an Honor View 20. This one wasn’t even available in North America, so it’s truly rare.

The Reaper

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite’s first true “oh, I need that” skin was season three’s Tier 100 outfit, The Reaper. Before Fortnite blew up so much that it actually got Keanu Reeves’ John Wick in the game, this skin was a beautiful homage to the character.

Double Helix

Image via Epic Games

Double Helix will forever live in infamy due to its rarity. It was only available in a Nintendo Switch Fortnite bundle in October 2018 and has never been seen again since that SKU sold out.

Blue Team Leader

Image via PlayStation

This skin and glider combo was part of a short-lived bundle on the PlayStation Store, exclusive to PlayStation Plus users in early 2018. It’s no longer available.

Recon Expert

Image via Epic Games

Filed under “it’s from season one so not many people have it, but it’s not that impressive otherwise,” Recon Expert just might be the rarest skin in the game. It hasn’t been seen in the Item Shop since Nov. 12, 2017.

Renegade Raider

Image via Epic Games

Another season one skin, Renegade Raider was rewarded for reaching Level 20 in the game’s first season. It hasn’t been seen since and likely won’t be in the store any time soon.

Royale Bomber

Image via Epic Games

This handsome devil came with a special PlayStation 4 Fortnite bundle in the summer of 2018. If you didn’t pick up the console or buy the skin for an obscene amount online, you likely don’t have it. You’ve probably never seen it in-game, either. It’s just that rare.

Skull Trooper

Image via Pro Game Guides

The Skull Trooper was released in Fortnite in October 2017, when Fortnite first became popular. It’s reappeared a few times in the item shop but only comes back once or twice a year. The Skull Trooper’s skeleton-like appearance can be found in the item shop.

Sgt. Winter

Image via

Fans of Fortnite‘s yearly Christmas event have come to know Sgt. Winter in all his chaotic glory. Back in Season Seven, the former Santa-like icon has gotten fed up with the holiday season and came to the Battle Pass as a skin. Since then, players have only been able to see the skin during the annual winter event.

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