Here are the ‘optimal’ VALORANT crosshair colors for every map, according to a programmer

Computer science has the answer.

Choosing the perfect crosshair is no easy task in VALORANT. Players can spend hours experimenting with different colors, sizes, and general appearances to get the crosshair that will give them the best precision possible.

When manual experimentations aren’t enough, however, computer science can help. That’s what a Reddit user called “useewhynot” has tempted to do by running Python scripts on every VALORANT map to find the perfect color to contrast with the game’s environment.

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“Instead of playing the game and finding my preferences like a normal person, I recorded myself in customs looking at every angle I could think of on every map (except Split RIP) and wrote a Python script to look through that video find the best crosshair color for me,” they explained on the thread.

Here are the colors they found for every map, including the best one to use in general:

  • Overall: #00b5ff (cyan blue)
  • Ascent: #00e0ff (lighter cyan)
  • Bind: #00a1ff (light blue)
  • Breeze: #00ffdf (flashy light blue)
  • Fracture: #005bff (dark blue)
  • Haven: #0078ff (slightly less dark blue)
  • Icebox: #2aff00 (flashy green)
  • Pearl: #ff1d00 (flashy red)

These colors seem to make the most sense since the maps with blue highlights have been assigned to other colorssuch as Icebox with green and Pearl with red. But in general, cyan or a variant of blue appears to be the best for most situations you’ll encounter in VALORANT.

This trend is also verified in competitive play, with most professional players choosing lighter colors for their crosshairs, particularly cyan and green. Here’s how to add a custom color to your VALORANT crosshair.

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