Here are the early LoL Patch 13.5 patch notes

A trio of reworks top the bill in March's first update.

The first League of Legends update cycle of March is here as the 2023 Mid-Season Invitational rolls into focus and this time around, in League Patch 13.5, the balance team is looking to wrap up its jungle change spree, continue tweaking mage items, and ship two hefty rejigs for Azir, Yuumi, and LeBlanc.

Alongside that trio, top Season 13 meta picks like Caitlyn and Ashe have landed on the March change list while ever-popular characters like Aatrox, Fixx, Jinx, and Samira are expected to get some help via buffs.

Meanwhile, the new-look Aurelion Sol has been whacked with nerfs.

Also in the fifth update of the season, Riot is planning to add a pile of new Broken Covenant to the League shop for Xayah, Miss Fortune, and moreand one champion is even getting a new Prestige skin too.

Heres everything you need to know about League Patch 13.5.

League Patch 13.5 release date

The next update of 2023 will roll out on Wednesday, March 8, according to Riots patch schedule. As per usual, the patch will rollout worldwide across the day, starting in Australia at around 10am (AEDT). Heres the key patch rollout times for some of the major League servers:

  • 3am PT (NA)
  • 5am GMT (EU West)
  • 3am CET (EU North East)
  • 8am KR (Korea)

There will be several hours of downtime once the patch begins. Matchmaking and competitive queues will be disabled across all League servers three hours before the update is officially deployed and set live.

Image via Riot Games

Whats coming in League Patch 13.5?

Surprise Yuumi rework hits servers

Out of absolutely nowhere, Riot confirmed last week theyd finally be listening to League fans and changing infamous floating cat Yuumi.

Its not a little batch of changes eitherevery single one of her abilities is on the chopping block and Dot Esports expects this is going to fundamentally change how she plays. Well have to wait and see, of course, but its a fairly sweeping list of buffs, nerfs, and total ability overhauls.

Just about the only thing sticking around is her attach.

The idea to rework the Mystical Cat isnt totally new; Riot did tell players back in Dec. 2022 they were keeping a close eye on the much-hated support pick, but this hefty package of changes certainly came out of the blue.

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Image via Riot Games

Here are the early patch notes for the upcoming March 8 update. Remember, until Riot releases the official notes, any of these buffs, nerfs, and changes are tentative and could be pulled for a later League update at any time.

League Patch 13.5 early patch notes



  • Aatrox
  • Fizz
  • Jinx
  • Kennen
  • LeBlanc
  • Rumble (top)
  • Samira
  • Tryndamere


  • Aurelion Sol
  • Caitlyn
  • Gangplank
  • Rammus
  • Twitch (ability power)
  • Xayah
  • Yorick


  • Ashe
  • Azir
  • Pantheon
  • Yuumi
  • Zed


  • Seraphs Embrace


  • Cosmic Drive
  • Triumph
  • Grasp of the Undying


  • Jungle Pets


  • Turret changes


  • Coming soon!

Update Feb. 28, 12.50am CT: Added Riot Phroxzon’s first patch preview.

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