Here are the best Rocket League controller settings and keybinds

Equip yourself with the best settings.

Traditionally, Rocket League is played with a controller. While some professionals and long-time players stand by using a keyboard and mouse, the car soccer video game is mostly played with a controller by the general player base. As such, there’s a defined set of controller settings that are considered the best to use.

Though this may be true, players should also remember to use whatever feels most comfortable to them. Rocket League is a game of tight mechanics and the smallest setting can make a huge difference in a player’s gameplay. Just because a professional uses a certain keybind or deadzone, that doesn’t mean it is definitively the best option for every Rocket League player.

Still, if players are looking for a starting point to go about configuring their settings or simply want to use what’s considered the best, we’ve compiled a list of the top controller settings in Rocket League. These are used by professional and casual players alike, meaning they should appeal to a wide variety of car soccer enthusiasts.

Controller settings

First off, we’ll start off with the “Controls” section of the Rocket League Options menu. This is the third tab in Options and contains settings such as sensitivity, deadzone, and vibration. These settings fluctuate much more than something like keybinds, so players should head into a private match and mess around with different values to find the one they like.

Below, players can see where they should start with these settings.

  • Steering Sensitivity: 1.00-1.50
  • Aerial Sensitivity: 1.00-1.50
  • Controller Deadzone: .10-.20
  • Dodge Deadzone: .70-.80
  • Controller Vibration: Disabled
  • Vibration Intensity: 0
  • Ball Camera Mode: Toggle

These are general values for the controller settings in Rocket League. Players should start out with the lower value and then work their way up if they want to. For example, if players want some more freedom in their aerial sensitivity, they can slightly bump it up in increments until they find their preferred sweet spot.


The last piece of customization with a controller in Rocket League is determining which keybinds to use. There’s some debate among the community as to which keybinds are best. For the most part, players agree on a general set of binds for the basic mechanics in Rocket League.

The PlayStation keybinds will appear first followed by the Xbox keybinds.

  • Powerslide: Square or X
  • Air Roll (left/right): Square or X (L1/R1 or LB/RB)
  • Boost: Circle or B
  • Jump: X or A
  • Ball Cam: Triangle or Y
  • Brake: L2 or LT
  • Throttle: R2 or RT

While players can mess around with some of these settings, namely the Powerslide/Air Roll keybinds, this is a great starting point for beginners. These binds are also used by a large number of professionals and should feel intuitive to a majority of players. As always, players should use what feels comfortable to them.

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