Here are the 5 easiest specs to play in WoW Dragonflight

And you'll still top the DPS charts!

Do you want to top the DPS charts without reading extensive guides and learning a complex rotation by heart like Arcane Mages and Enhancement Shamans? Here are the five easiest specs you can play in Dragonflight based on their APM.

If we take a look at actions per minute in Vault of the Incarnates from the World of Warcraft stat page, Simulationcraft, well see that at the easiest spec, with only 28 actions per minute, are Feral Druids. The cats have a simple rotation and normally dont work their fingers to the bone to have the best damage.

Just behind Feral Druids are Devastation Evokers, who, in a single-target damage scenario, basically have a three-button rotation. So, if youre playing a Devastation Evoker, you can safely focus on doing the mechanics without worrying your DPS will suffer.

Screengrab via Simulationcraft

Then, with 44, 45, and 46 actions per minute, we have Destruction Warlock, Marksmanship Hunter, and Affliction Warlock, respectively. All of these specs are fairly easy to pick up and perform well as you have a straightforward rotation that is almost impossible to mess up. 

We have to mention that these stats come from Vault of the Incarnates and that APM will most likely vary in Mythic+ dungeons as you will have more on your plate with all the interrupting, swirlies to dodge, and mechanics to execute.

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