Here are Lethamyr’s Rocket League Camera settings

Learn from one of the best.

Treyven Lethamyr Robitaille is one of the most renowned Rocket League players in history. Not only was he a fantastic player and coach during his professional career, but he’s gone on to create some of the best Rocket League content on YouTube and Twitch.

From designing new game modes to creating exciting and innovative maps to giving out general tips, Lethamyr is certainly a player and creator that Rocket League players turn to for advice. So, why would players not want to copy some of his in-game settings?

Choosing the right settings is one of the most important aspects of Rocket League. Since the game is so mechanics-based, players need to ensure they have the best settings so they can fine-tune those mechanics and become a better player. Arguably the most-asked-about in-game setting is about the Rocket League Camera. There are several settings within this menu that alter how players see the map and their car.

The Camera settings are among the most vital to a player’s success in Rocket League. While players can certainly use whatever settings that feel right to them and even succeed with those, there is a generally agreed-upon list of Camera settings. Pro players’ settings differ slightly when it comes to the Camera but for the most part, there’s a general range that every player stays in.

Lethamyr has used a specific set of Camera settings for a long time in Rocket League. If users ever go into his Twitch chat, they’ll likely see players asking him about his Camera settings. To save players the trouble of having to ask the player themselves, they can simply look below for the full list of Lethamyr’s Camera settings in Rocket League.

  • FOV 110
  • Height 110
  • Angle -4.0
  • Distance 270
  • Stiffness 0.55
  • Swivel speed 6.50
  • Transition speed 1.00
  • Invert Swivel Disabled
  • Ball Camera Toggle
  • Camera Shake No

These are fairly tame Camera settings for Rocket League. Very few professionals use the same exact Camera settings, but they all follow a general range. For example, most players stay between 100 and 110 FOV, with Lethamyr opting for the maximum amount. Also, professionals usually have a Height of 90 to 110, Distance of 250 to 270, and Angle of -4 to -5. Lethamyr uses mostly balanced Camera settings that players should be able to input and not feel too overwhelmed.

Of course, players should experiment with a variety of settings to determine what works best for them when playing Rocket League.

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