Hasan defends Kai Cenat following transphobia allegations

He doesn't think Kai is an "overtly mean, toxic, awful" person.

HasanAbi is one of the most socially-aware content creators on Twitch, even if he comes across as a bit crass at times. That said, even he is fed up with viewers that are quick to make strong accusations against other streamers.

Kai Cenat has been by far Twitchs biggest breakout star this year. Not only did he become one of a select few creators to ever hit 100,000 active subscribers, but his streams with popular Atlanta-based rappers like Lil Baby and 21 Savage have resulted in viewership figures in the 200,000 range.

As a 20-year-old youngster who dropped out of college to pursue his dreams as a content creator, Cenat clearly still has a lot to learn about the world, and in a recent stream, some viewers began to allege he was transphobic because of statements he and Adin Ross made in regards to a tall cis woman.

Hasan has been around the proverbial online block a few times, and as someone who has gotten hate for any number of seemingly arbitrary accusations, he swiftly came to the defense of Cenat.


Pointing to a clip in which Cenat mistakenly called a little person a dwarf, Hasan said that Kai is trying to be politically correct. In the clip itself, Kai notices that viewers call him out for using a politically incorrect term, and he asks the chat what phrase he should be using. Once he and his friend realize what term is correct, both profusely apologize before continuing with their content.

They understand that they dont want to fuck up the bag, Hasan said. They understand that they have too much to lose, and also on top of that, I dont think theyre overtly mean, toxic awful people.

Hasan went on to instead condemn those that are laying out aggressive accusations of hate, and encouraged viewers to try to use those sorts of situations as an opportunity to educate.

As Hasan watched the clip that has led to allegations that Cenat is transphobic, he attempted to give a breakdown of Kai and Adins behavior. While he admitted that the two showed a level of ignorance, he steered clear of making judgements about their overall character.


Dont jump the fucking gun and immediately just go after people in the most bloodthirsty ways possible, he said.

Hasans sentiment follows the reaction that Kai had the day after those allegations were posted to the Livestream Fails Reddit page. On his stream, Kai denied being transphobic and expressed that he didnt intend to make any hurtful comments. 

I literally love everybody, Cenat said.

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