Hammer time: The VALORANT Crimsonbeast weapon skin bundle lets you wield a molten Thor-like hammer

Another $70 bundle with no extra colors.

VALORANT has revealed the Crimsonbeast weapon skin bundle as the most recent addition to the game.

The Crimsonbeast skin comes alongside Patch 5.07, which majorly adjusted several agents and reworked the map Fracture. These changes come post-VALORANT Champions Istanbul, which was the last time the game received a big update.

This latest weapon skin pack features four gun skins and a melee that takes on a black/orange color scheme. The four Crimsonbeast weapon skins are for the Marshal, Sheriff, Judge, and Vandal skin,s with the melee being a hammer. 

According to Valorleaks, the Crimsonbeast skins will be Premium tier. The Premium tier is the middle ground for VALORANT weapon skins between Default, Deluxe, Exclusive, and Ultra skin variants. Crimsonbeast skins will individually be 1,775 VALORANT Points ($20) and the hammer featured in the bundle will be 3,550 VP ($40). Based on this information from Valorleaks and information from previous drops, this will make the bundle together 7,100 VP ($70).

Unlike other Premium tier skins, the Crimsonbeast collection will not feature additional colors for the individual skins. This means that the skins will have to remain in their default state with black, orange, and red colors.

Another example of Premium weapon skins that did not have alternative colors would be the Nebula skins. The Nebula skins were released with Patch 1.06 in August 2020. These skins were galaxy themed and did not have other colors than the blue and purple theme that they came with. According to the official VALORANT Twitter, the Crimsonbeast skins will be in all shops on Oct. 5. 

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