Halo Infinite’s playlists are getting major changes in the Winter Update

Trimming it down to the essentials.

In a bid to improve queue times and match quality, Halo Infinite’s available multiplayer playlists will be undergoing a series of significant cuts and alterations in the game’s Winter Update set for Nov. 8.

In a blog post released today by 343 Industries, the devs detailed what playlists players can expect to find when the update launches, as well as how a new rotational system will be used to inject fresh limited-time options into the mix over the next few months.

Community manager Unyshek didn’t mince words when he admitted that many of Halo Infinite’s current playlists, most of which were added after community request post-launch, suffer from low player numbers and poor matchmaking. “Its clear that some were popular and should stick around while others didnt quite resonate with players in the same way,” he said. “To help make sure we keep a quality experience in each playlist, well be updating our approach to a more rotational strategy.”

This means that the permanent playlists on offer will be trimmed down to just six: Quick Play, Big Team Battle, Ranked Arena, Fiesta, Tactical Slayer, and Team Slayer. Any other game mode offerings have now been relegated to three available rotational slots, which cover three unique bases with the limited-time modes that can appear there.

A rotating core slot can feature the likes of Team Snipers, a social slot includes arcade options like Social Slayer and Rumble Pit, while a final ranked slotlive for two weeks at a timewill bring variations like Ranked Doubles or Ranked FFA back in. The ranked modes that appear in those temporary windows won’t reset the player’s rank when they rotate out, meaning that your progress will still be there for when it rotates back in later in the season.

This is just the start for Infinite’s updates to the playlists, with Unyshek adding that this is only a first step and the game’s offerings “will continue to evolve and shift in response to player behavior in-game (where players spend their time) and community feedback.” The title’s dwindling player numbers will still remain a concern, but this refined set of playlist offerings will no doubt alleviate the queue times and server quality for those who choose to dive in when the Winter Update drops next week on Nov. 8.

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