Halfway through the VCT season and the duelist class as a whole is in the dumps

Might be time for some changes.

Multiple regions in VCT have erred away from the duelist class this season with a large portion of the category cast by the wayside in favor of two specific agents.

While Raze and Jett prosper under this current VALORANT meta, the rest of the supporting cast of duelists sit on the cupboard covered in dust. According to vlr.gg, the Americas League accommodated the long-forgotten other duelists only five times throughout 55 matches.

Jett has maintained pick superiority throughout the Pacific, EMEA, and Americas region, selected in more than half of the matches played. Raze follows close behind, selected roughly 30 percent of the time.

Yoru made his one and only appearance against BBL Esports. Natus Vincere picked the teleporting duelist on Fracture, with wielder Mehmet “cNed” İpek topping the leaderboard in a 13-8 win for the Ukranian organization. The Pacific region has more strategies that fit Yorus playstyle, with this division of VCT playing him on three different occasions.

Reyna wasnt touched throughout the entirety of the EMEA and Americas Leagues, only picked by Talon Esports against DRX. This wildcard pick didnt fool DRX, with Jittana JitBoyS Nokngam failing to make a dent against the South Korean roster.

It seems that each region isnt that keen on Phoenix either. The fire-wielding duelist was picked just once in each VCT tournament. The newest duelist Neon was picked 10 times across each region, and while these numbers look good compared to the remainder of the deserted duelist list, its still nothing alongside Raze and Jett.

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This might be a cry for help coming from the professional scene. The game is littered with Raze and Jett players at the top tier of pro VALORANT, and theres a strong chance this meta could get stale, fast.

Either Reyna, Phoenix, Yoru, and Neon get a buff to even the odds, or these duelists will remain at the bottom of the barrel.

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